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A journalist who has led the world's largest multimedia news agency through globally important stories and industry-shattering changes while being stationed on three continents.
A China analyst who has experienced extraordinary shifts in the world's second-largest economy — covering the transformation as a journalist and negotiating agreements as a businessman.
An executive who understands the connections between information, action and profit — using his long-term assignments in Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, New York and London and his proficiency in Mandarin and Cantonese to bring global intelligence and China focus to your issues.
CHINA PRACTICE SmartConnectedAlignedTalented
  • Political and economic analysis
  • Government relations strategy & tactics
  • Issues analysis & management
  • Local business in a global structure
  • Talent evaluation and development
  • Business & contact building advice
MEDIA PRACTICE StrategicEthicalDynamic
  • Issues analysis & management
  • Editorial strategy
  • Newsroom and newsflow improvement
  • Staff hiring & training
  • Journalistic excellence & ethics
  • Positioning
  • Response
  • Strategy
  • Advice
Years of experience of advising at board level means a cool-headed, strategic response. A diverse global background means effective advice involving all stakeholders - customers, shareholders, government, staff & media. A history of innovation means a response involving effective and influential tools, from the traditional to the social. David Schlesinger and Tripod Advisors bring a focus on analysis, strategy and action.

David Schlesinger
Founder & Managing Director

David Schlesinger and Tripod Advisors bring three decades of media, China and risk analysis skills to bear on strategic and business issues. Since the earliest years of...


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